Gidday Sam,

Received your mail re the "390" this morning and only too happy to extol its virtues. Ok. As you know we are a couple of old coots who should be attending to our knitting rather than facing Lake Benmore's chills at 6am searching for the elusive trout...but we do.

Why the 390? We decided to down-size from 5 metres plus of cabin boat to the 390 for (a) ease of trailing, (b) ease of launch and retrieve, (c) sufficient comfort for old bones, (d) sufficient power applied to the rear to get us out of trouble when required...(this bit hasn't been tested as yet!).

What have we to report? The wee 390 has been all that we could have wished for. Trails like a dream behind our two litre vehicle, launches off the trailer and retrieves equally easily.

We now have 35 hours on the hull, are still learning some of the ropes, but being old dogs, we learn quickly. "Tokoeka" (named after the southern kiwi) has drawn lots of interest on the launching ramps up this way and, if it wasn't for the didymo scare, we would have it over the Lindis onto the lakes further south....maybe in the future.

The pic. is of the original launch on Lake Ruataniwha prior to the "silly season". Only to happy to endorse the "390".

Bruce and Glad Baldwin.

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