TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN               

For many years we owned a 12 meter yacht. We found that keeping a yacht in the North Island after we returned to southland was a non starter.

The opportunities to use it was seriously compromised by distance, & when we did make the time, the weather was often poor. The idea of keeping a 12 meter yacht at Bluff had little appeal to us & so it was decided that a positive buoyancy trailerable boat was the answer.

We wanted our boat to have a diesel engine, a toilet, a shower & a reasonable fuel capacity. We went looking for a boat builder & Kiwi-Kraft was chosen for a number of reasons; They came with very high recommendations because of their high quality finish.

However, & perhaps most important to us, was Rodney Harris’s attitude to us when we outlined or requirements. He was not luke warm to installing a diesel engine, & did not try to persuade us into installing outboard motors.

He listened carefully & his 780 Kiwi-Kraft became his first 820 model. It was then widened by 100mm over standard beam.

We have a beautifully finished boat that performs fantastically in the waters here in the Deep South. The lower center of gravity due to the inboard diesel gives greater stability. Fuel economy can best be described by a recent trip to Martins Bay; a three day trip; launched at Milford; up the coast & over the Hollyford Bar & into Lake Mckerrow; our boat used 170 litres of diesel & the other two boats with their outboards used 330 litres of petrol. We still had 120 litres in reserve, they had to come home!

This is a boat that we feel confident using anywhere in Foveaux Strait, Fiordland & around Stewart Island, & that is all that needs to be said for anyone contemplating boating around New Zealand.

If I was ever to build another boat, it would be a Kiwi-Kraft

Richard & Heather King
Southland New Zealand

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