Hi my name is Richard Eade.

My wife and I were looking for a boat about 2 years ago for fishing Diving and having fun on the water. We started by looking for second hand boats as we were really unsure on how much we should spend ,we had decided that we would take our time and find the boat that would serve our purpose .So we hunted around all boating mags and really couldn’t see a great deal that said buy me .

So we decided that I would go around our local boat builders to get prices for new boats.

We made a decision that we would look mainly at pontoon boats as we would be mainly diving off the boat, and would be fishing out at sea {Foveaux strait} So I went to stabi craft and they never got back to me with a price so we did not go back there for a sale.

I thought ill go to Kiwi Kraft to see what they could offer.

I walked into the office and asked to see the Manager and this guy said that’s me my name is Rodney Harris , how can I help so I told him what we were after and he gave me some advice on what he thought would suit .so I went away and my wife and I said we would look at every avenue that was put to us .I took my wife down to Kiwi Kraft two or three days later to show her what he had and to talk more on what he could offer .The first thing that impressed us was he took the time to answer our questions and show us what he had in the factory .

We went away again and decided that Kiwi Kraft was the boat that we would like to Buy, next thing was we would talk price.

Rodney gave us figures to build a new boat we said we would go away and talk about what we would like spend and get back to him .Within the same day we had a phone call to say come back down I have a boat that you might like to look at, so we went down and He had a Kiwi Kraft ht 590.

My wife said I like that tell us more , we were very impressed with Rodney and his professional service ,that’s the basic story on our choice to buy a Kiwi Kraft. We did buy this boat here are some of the pros and cons we have had since owning our boat .

Here is a list of the pro’s & cons about the Kiwi Kraft 590ht

Pre sale trial Rodney took us to Bluff so we could see what the boat went like and to put us and the boat through its paces.

After sale service you could not ask for better.

The way the boat rides in the water is great with the deeper V in the hull you get a better ride than other pontoon boats.

The power plant is fantastic I have not had any problems with it at all.Evinrude Ficht 150 bombardier range , Auxillary 4 stoke Johnson long leg . So far I have done about 100 hours on boat. And still enjoy as if it was like my first day out

For being new to boating this boat is so easy to operate getting on and off the trailer , putting it through its paces , using the GPS and chart plotter operating in rough water etc .

People on the boat the max is 7 we had 7 going to Stewart Island from Bluff with the boat stacked with gear I thought this would test it but the boat performed as if there were 2 or 3 on board , and time wise did not make much difference

Trips over too Doubtfull Sound I have found the same the boat filled with food gear and people and no problems to speak of.

The boat tows on the road like there is nothing there .The trailer is a Mudgway tandem trailer with one braked axle.

There is plenty of room on deck for a dive party to gear up, and for fishing, water skiing or wakeboarding etc.

Cons well to me there is none Except I would like a bigger Kiwi Kraft but I’m told enjoy the one you have…… for now.

So I hope your next boat is Kiwi Kraft, This boat suits every thing we needed to enjoy our boating. Some pictures to follow.

Richard Eade

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