We are normally impulse buyers of everything from a pair of slippers to a farm. But not so when we bought our Kiwi Kraft 590 HT . You see this boat had to do the job. And the job was to be ready and able to take us through any sea that the Marlborough Sounds could throw at us. Reason? We go to town to do our shopping and meet appointments in our boat.

A definition of "we" is needed about here. We were both wartime babies which puts us now mid sixty. We don't bend and move as freely. Also this boat purchase could well be the last. This time it had to be right. So when the decision had been made to go pontoon it came down to a choice of two makes which both had local representation (essential for servicing). We visited a sample of each...and we visited....and we visited...and when it was she the one who sets the anchor through the hatch exclaimed "this is it" we were visiting a KiwiKraft. Just that more space in the cabin and hatch did it for us.

Well that was all on dry land. We took delivery of our Kiwi Kraft 590 HT and it has done everything and more for us. For me at the helm I have regained confidence in all sea. Sure I'm cautious but when the chop or swell comes up and we're on our way home our boat takes good care of us. Out in the Blue Cod territory I like to explore in close. Good old KiwiKraft is just so very manouverable. And then at home after a long day it's just throw the hose at it, open a can and fillet the catch.

Yep we're sold on KiwiKraft.

Pat and Helen Williams

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