Hi Rodney,

all the best to you and your crew for Christmas and New Year.

Our 590 sport you customised for us (via Richard) in late 2004 is still most brilliant and just a knock-out performer for us on Lake Taupo.

We have bought a place in Taupo now and building a large garage to take the 590 so it is there permanently, full rigged and ready for action.

All I can add is that if you (or your craftsmen) are going to be in Taupo and want to have a fish or cruise - just call me 027 595 4415 a few days ahead and I'll do what I can to be there. I am happy to promote your business if you think that would help.

I hope you truly understand really just how cool the 590 (for a family) is as a performance alloy hull. It is not about flat out speed - it is about manoeuvrability, taking on those big Taupo white-caps some days, skiing, trolling, running onto the volcanic stone beaches without a worry. The 590 does it all for us what ever the conditions.

Kind regards,

Charlie & Margie Robertson

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